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Stylish Hijab: Scarves in India

hijab scarves india

The Muslim minority in India have a different style of wearing hijab scarves. There are Muslim women all around the world and every country has its distinct fashion styles and trends.  A headscarf is mandatory for Muslim women, as it covers their head and chest from any male outside the ...

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Hijab: Scarves in Australia 2016-17

hijab scarves australia

Muslim women in Australia carry their hijabs as scarves using various styles. Their looks are very modern, yet trendy. Girls in Australia want to follow the latest fashions trends, and to guide them, many collections of 2016-17 are posted online. There are Muslim minorities in every part of the world ...

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Hijab Under Scarves Tutorial 2016-17

hijab underscarves

Modern fashion designers are in constant struggle to incorporate every kind of fabric for every kind of dress code. Hijab is a universal dress code for Islamic women and therefore, traditionally mostly thick fabrics were used to create hijab but now with the evolution in fashion designing thin fabrics are ...

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Thin Hijab and Scarves

thin hijab scarves

Modern variations in hijab and scarves brought forward the concept of incorporating thin fabrics in achieving perfect Islamic look by following the universal dress code for women. Thin fabrics are mostly difficult to handle therefore women need to get the basic hang of it in order to achieve a level ...

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Tutorial Hijab Styles with Two Scarves

hijab styles with two scarves

Many hijab styles can be achieved through the art of incorporating two scarves. Criss cross hijab and zigzag hijab both require two scarves in order to achieve that particular look. Hijab with two scarves is a very trendy and modern way of wearing hijab, it is termed as fashionable just ...

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Tutorial Hijab With Two Scarves

hijab with two scarves

Hijab with two scarves is commonly termed as zigzag hijab or criss cross hijab, as two different colored or printed fabrics are used to achieve one particular look. The universal Islamic dress code for women i.e. hijab has moved away from its traditional appeal towards a more modern appeal. Many ...

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Stylish Hijab and Scarves 2016-17

stylish hijab scarves

Modern variations in hijab and scarves have brought forward a very stylish range of hijab and scarves. With the evolution of fashion industry, various collections are launched in the field of designing hijab and scarves and they are coming up with new trends, just like that of 2016-2017.  Hijab, which ...

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Silk Hijab and Scarves

hijab silk scarves

Silk hijab and scarves are mostly worn on formal events and occasions. Silk has a sheen surface and has a variety of bright colors. Silk is an expensive fabric rather than cheap and therefore it is mostly used for wedding purposes. Stylizing silk requires a particular kind of fashion sense. ...

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