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Ways on How To Tie a Scarf

How To Tie a Scarf Tutorial There are more than one ways on how to tie a scarf. We will be looking at some helpful tutorials on how to tie a scarf for the purpose for wearing it as a hijab. For previous write ups on hijab tutorials using the square scarf, click here.  Different […]

New Square Scarf Tutorial

With the success of our previous article on the new square scarf tutorial, we thought of bringing you some new and wonderful styles once again. I was so excited to share these styles with you. I have seen these new turban styles with the cute bow in front and my hands were itching to complete […]

New Head scarf styles for Muslims

Muslims are always looking for new head scarf styles to wear for various occasions. Styles will differ from person to person and it will also depend on your personal style and personality. We will look at styles for Muslims of all ages. Have a look at our previous article on how to wear a head scarf […]

Learn How To Utilize Big Fabric For Hijab and Scarf

Big Fabric Hijab and Scarf

Many women who are not comfortable wearing small cloth or piece of hijab require big fabric for hijab and scarf so that they can cover their chest and head properly, which basically is the initial concept related to Hijab. Hijab, Abaya and Jilbab are a part of Islamic clothing, whereas scarf is a part of […]

Learn Hijab Tutorial For 2 Square Scarfs

Hijab and 2 Square scarf

In order to learn 2 square hijab and scarf, women can access various online tutorials, which are very simple, easy and quick to follow. The most difficult ones are explained in a very explicit manner and the easy ones are explained in maximum 3-4 steps. Many new modern designers have launched their fashion collection keeping […]

Beautiful Hijab as Scarves 2016-17

Every Muslim girl looks for beautiful and modern ideas to carry their hijab scarves. This headscarf is mandatory for Muslims, which is why they always innovate new ideas to make their look trendy yet elegant. Hijabs also have to be carried to formal events like weddings, making it difficult for the women to choose the […]

Cotton: Best Hijab Scarves Pictures

Cotton proves to be one of the best materials for hijab scarves for Muslim women. It is one such material that is readily available in the market, it is not expensive at all. Cotton suits every age group, yet gives each woman a distinct yet trendy look. Cotton hijabs can be worn for a stylish […]

Latest Cheap Hijab Scarves

Hijab scarves from different price ranges are readily available for Muslim women all around the world, some cheap, where as some slightly expensive. As hijab is supposed to be worn every day and cannot be taken off, it is obvious that women try to find the best possible prices that suit their range the best. […]

Hijab Scarves in Chiffon

Chiffon hijab scarves are commonly seen all around the globe as they are easy to carry, yet they give a very trendy look. Chiffon is a material that is readily available in the market in different colors and patterns. These patterns include zig zag abstract designs, or polka dots or floral prints. Chiffon is also […]

Modest Cotton Hijab and Scarves

cotton hijab scarves

Cotton hijab and scarves are mostly worn in summers because cotton is a thin fabric, which is suitable for hot weathers. However, cotton hijab or scarves cannot be worn on evening gowns or long maxi dresses since it gives a very casual look. Many modern designers are using cotton hijabs in their latest fashion collection […]