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Easy Nail Designs for the Perfect Summer

Easy Nail Designs

Easy Nail Designs, Described: Easy nail designs tend to be cost effective and DIY solution in order to keep pace with the current fashion trends. The nails are crucial part of fashion these days, women consider themselves unprepared without polishing the nails. Nail decoration have been in the fashion since very long time but advancement […]

Almond Shaped Nails & its Multiple Variations

Almond Shape Nails

Almond Shape Nails Descriptions: Almond shaped nails are new design in nail trends, way to go there are many shapes and designs of nails which you make part of your identity. Nails are amongst the body parts that serve as an ornament and its shape is most important aspect. You can have natural nails shaped […]

Become a Pro at Nail Art with These Amazing Designs

Nail Art Designs for Eid

There was a time when, to get a good manicure and some nice nail art done you had to go the beauty salon and pay a small fortune for it. This of course meant that nail art was reserved for those rare, extra special occasions. And unless it was payday, women steered clear of the […]

Black & White Nails Art Ideas With Pictures

Black and White Nails

Best 30+ Black and White Nails Pictures Black and white nails always remained a center of fashion for youth. It is said that hands are the representatives of personality. The beauty of hands and especially nails are always given due importance by the ladies. Today there are introduced beauty salons specified for nail care and […]

Stiletto Nails in the Current Fashion 2017

Stiletto Nails, an Introduction:   Stiletto nails are also called “fake nails” these are artificial nails and are usually made of plastic. These are attached to natural nails and serve as extension which can be shaped in to the desires form. Stiletto nails got famous in fashion industry due to Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Fergie, […]