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Bohemian Jewelry in Singapore Online

Bohemian Jewelry Singapore

Singapore is a global financial centre with multi cultural population and hence bohemian jewelry in Singapore is the synthesis of various people living there representing different cultures. Singapore is a tourist friendly area and hence shopping in Singapore is not that expensive. People living in Singapore also find jewelry cheap and affordable. Many online stores […]

Stunning Bohemian Artisan Jewelry

bohemian artisan jewelry

Bohemians were fond of artisan jewelry as it involved the skill of creating something by hand and thus it was an asset for them since they can utilize their art of creating something through hand for earning money. These days’ designers just create the design they want and most of the work is done through […]

Creative Bohemian Jewelry Holder ideas

Bohemian Jewelry Holder

Women especially young girls are fond of collecting jewelry and hence they would need a jewelry holder for their bohemian collection. Bohemian jewelry is very delicate and intricate hence it needs to be handled carefully, therefore; jewelry holder is needed. Necklaces can get tangled easily and a jewelry holder is very important for such accessories. […]

Bohemian Anklet Jewelry Designs online

bohemian anklet jewelry

Women who love jewelry are also fond of anklets as they remind us of our traditional and ethnic values, similarly bohemian anklet jewelry is also one of the ornaments women love and adore. Bohemians use to wear anklets a lot as they were mostly barefoot so anklets added as an accessory to their feet and […]

Old Bohemian Glass Jewelry Designs

old bohemian glass jewelry

Old bohemian glass jewelry was initially simple jewelry created with the help of glass and later during the Victorian era it was modified in a way that it started representing expensive stones like diamonds, ruby’s etc., and now mostly glass jewelry is used for replicating purposes. Another article on bohemian glass jewelry highlights few more […]

Popular Bohemian Glass Jewelry Designs

bohemian glass jewelry

Bohemian Glass Jewelry is one of the major components of costume jewelry and it originated from the Czech Republic. Glass jewelry was specifically introduced to imitate expensive jewelry materials like diamonds, ruby’s etc., hence many designers who are at a very early stage of their career use glass jewelry to create their collection. Glass Jewelry […]

Beautiful Bohemian Inspired Jewelry Designs Collection

Bohemian Inspired Jewelry

Over the years many designers have taken inspiration from bohemian jewelry and have modified the basic of its designs according to the way they want. Designers mostly play with the material used or the color of the stones to create something, which suits their taste along with the tastes of their customers. Many bridal collections […]

Bohemian Jewelry Bliss Collection

bohemian jewelry bliss

The bliss and happiness one get when they own bohemian jewelry is something women and young girls look for when they go out for shopping. Bohemian jewelry is not only for young girls but many of its designs and styles have been changed and modified in a way that matches the expectations of women. Designers […]

The Best Bohemian Hippie Jewelry

bohemian hippie jewelry

Bohemian Hippie Jewelry is a mix of both bohemian and hippie cultures and society. It is an amalgamation of both communities. Bohemians were people who were socially unconventional and like-minded people and what is common between hippie and bohemian societies was that both communities rejected established social customs and hippie society strongly opposed the concepts […]

Popular Bohemian Handcrafted Jewelry

bohemian handcrafted jewelry

Bohemian Handcrafted jewelry is the one made skillfully by hand. Handcrafted jewelry is the one that exhibit the actual bohemian traditions and cultures since bohemians made jewelry from natural material, which they used to gather when they wander and most of their ornaments were handmade. They used various threads, strings, and beads to create alluring […]