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Turquoise Stone Bohemian Jewelry Designs

bohemian turquoise jewelry

Turquoise stone is used frequently in bohemian jewelry designs and they look modish with a combination of brass or leather threads. Turquoise big stone rings are also in trend these days. But before we move onto the turquoise jewelry designs our readers should be well informed about turquoise stones. Turquoise stones used to be very […]

Bohemian Jewelry Montreal Designs Pictures

bohemian jewelry montreal

All girls living in Montreal are eagerly waiting to uplift their looks and style should definitely go for bohemian jewelry. Elegant and whimsical bohemian jewelry is available in different shops that exist in Montreal. This article will enlighten you all about the existing stores that can get you these beautiful bohemian jewelry designs. Women who […]

Authentic Bohemian Turkish Jewelry


Turkish and bohemian jewelry are pretty much on the same lines. Both jewelry types incorporate stone and coin jewelry. Turkish and bohemian jewelry have to be ornate and extremely colorful. It should incorporate as much colorful elements as they can. Both of them work on the lines of symmetry and stones and the use of […]

Vintage Bohemian Tribal Jewelry

bohemian tribal jewelry

Bohemian tribal jewelry has a lot of colors and it is full of texture and movement since they used to incorporate a lot of raw stones, which they used to find in different places when they traveled places. Bohemian tribal jewelry is lightweight even though a lot of heavy materials like chunky stones; brass, natural […]

Fascinating Bohemian Stone Jewelry

bohemian stone jewelry

Fascinating bohemian stone jewelry is what represents the true spirit of bohemian jewelry designs and creations. Many fine jewelry designers are using more expensive stones these days because that is what keeps their customers intact. Every year inspiration from bohemian jewelry is derived and every designer modifies it according to his or her thoughts, ideas […]

Bohemian Spirit Jewelry Designs Collection

bohemian spirit jewelry

Bohemian spirit jewelry is the one that has the true essence of bohemian art, culture, traditions and values. It incorporates all the essential elements that are and were involved in creating bohemian jewelry that has now become a very basic concept especially when it comes to creating jewelry. Bohemian spirit jewelry defines the bohemian culture […]

Jewelry: Bohemian Rings Are Art Piece

bohemian jewelry ring

Bohemian jewelry especially rings are very classy and modish and each style is distinct from one another. Bohemian rings can be considered as mini art pieces because a lot of thought and creativity is involved in something as simple as a ring. Over the years the concept of rings has evolved and different kinds of […]

Rustic and Modern Bohemian Jewelry Ideas

petite bohemian jewelry

Rustic and modern bohemian jewelry represents the jewelry pieces that are derived from rural places yet they are modern because of the modifications designers have added to them or it could be that they are old designs that are still famous and in trend these days. Rustic modern jewelry is something everyone owns. Women who […]

Bohemian Jewelry Designs For Petite Women

petite bohemian jewelry

Readers might be amazed that how bohemian jewelry designs for petite women would exist. Well, this article is not about whether they exist or not but it is about what kind of jewelry designs would suit petite women. All jewelry designs does not suit every kind of women as the face cut, personality, color etc., […]

Latest Bohemian Heart Jewelry Ideas

bohemian heart jewelry

Bohemian heart jewelry is another type of jewelry but it includes the symbol of heart in various places. Such jewelry can be gifted to your loved ones especially on days like valentines day, mothers day or fathers day provided how exactly the designs are constructed. It can be made in sterling silver or gold, with […]