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Everything You Need to Know About Cartilage Piercing

Cartilage Piercing

Cartilage piercing is not a new phenomenon. History shows us that cartilage piercing has been a part of human living for a very long time. Even today, it can be observed that tribes that live remotely, cut off from the rest of the civilized world, indulge in cartilage piercing. It is considered an important part […]

New Indian And Pakistani Artificial Jewelry Designs

Latest Indian And Pakistani Artificial Jewelry Designs 2017-18 new artificial jewellery designs for bridal wear is what we will be looking at today. I need to tell you my experience when I went out shopping for a friends wedding today. We were at this eastern boutique and I saw some amazing jewellery. The sets looked exactly […]

Ultimate List Of The Most Expensive Jewellry Ever

Most expensive jewellry ever is the topic for today. If ever you wondered, then we are here to show you exactly what is. Jewellery is worn by most women and they have an immense craze for diamonds and sparkly jewellery. The more it sparkles, the more pricey it is. The first valuable piece of jewellery a […]

The Most Expensive Necklace In The World 2017

The world’s most expensive necklace for 2017 is what we will be diving into today. There are loads of expensive jewellery available and if you are a lover of expensive jewellery, I am sure you love expensive shoes too. I have competed a write-up of the world’s most expensive shoes and if you haven’t viewed […]

Top Expensive Artificial Jewellery Designs For Wedding

Expensive artificial jewellery 2017-2018 is a search by all Indian and Pakistani brides, or maybe more the grooms. Since they are the ones buying jewellery for the bride, I’m not sure how it works in Pakistani culture, but that’s how it works in Indian culture. The groom buys the bride a gold necklace and watch with […]

Beautiful Most Expensive Diamond Rings In The World 2017

Diamond-Engagement-Rings-Catherine Zeta Jones-10 of the most expensive engagement rings in the world

Most Expensive Diamond Rings In The World 2017 Pictures Most expensive diamond rings in the world 2017 is what we will look at today. I know, you might be thinking who would have these expensive rings. Well, celebrities are among the lucky who can afford to splash and flash the bling rings. The first thing […]

Interesting Jewellery Designing Images

Amazing Jewellery Designing Images I am super excited to show you the jewellery designing process through images. Jewellery design has been one of my interests too. You know  the time when you need to decide on a career path? Well, ever since I saw an advertisement in Grade 8, I knew I wanted to become […]

The Latest Images of Gold Bridal Necklace Designs

 Images Latest Gold Necklace Designs Bridal Ideas The latest images of gold bridal necklace designs is what we will have a look at today. I was so amazed at all the designs. There are so many options fro brides to choose from and with the jewellery designs incorporating modern styles, you don’t need to feel […]

Beautiful Pakistani Bridal Gold Jewellery Sets 2017-2018

Latest Pakistani Bridal Gold Jewellery Sets Designs Images Amazing Pakistani gold jewellery for bridal wear is what we will showcase today. We are always looking at ways of making the brides life easier. We know how busy that time of year gets and you don’t have time to look for inspiration or to sort out […]

Turquoise Stone Bohemian Jewelry Designs

bohemian turquoise jewelry

Turquoise stone is used frequently in bohemian jewelry designs and they look modish with a combination of brass or leather threads. Turquoise big stone rings are also in trend these days. But before we move onto the turquoise jewelry designs our readers should be well informed about turquoise stones. Turquoise stones used to be very […]