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Trendy Hijab Style With Tutorial For 2017


Hijab style tutorial for 2017 is so trendy and searched by many girls for next year. I loved the styles which featured this year. 2017 seems like the year of simple and classy styles.  I remember posting styles for 2016 last year and I actually used a style from there and it has become my […]

Wonderful Hijab Wearing Styles


The most funky and new hijab wearing styles is what we will be looking at today. There are so many ideas and images to draw inspiration from. I have come across a new local hijabi which I just discovered and somehow I had a feeling she was South African, just by looking at her face! Weird […]

Interesting Glamour Hijab Styles


I have the most interesting glamour hijab styles to share with you today. I must confess, I LOVE being creative with my hijab style. I find it quite boring to wear a simple front wrap. If you do see me in it, be sure there is a definite reason, like I was just not in […]

Unique Hijab Tying Styles


Want to see some new and different hijab tying styles which will provide you with exciting and new ideas to style your hijab? Well, you have come to the right place for unpredictable hijab styling. I have been burning to try new styles but the closest I get is writing about it and looking at […]

Hijab Style Through a Photo


A picture tells a thousand words… therefore today we will be looking at hijab style photo. Please view our previous article here if you haven’t already. The reason why we chose this topic for today is because, no matter how much you explain something to someone, nothing explains it better than a visual representation. I […]

Modest and Modern UK Hijab Style


These days modest hijab style in UK is easily available. It might not be so easy to buy something which is Islamic and ready-to-wear in store, but the online stores are sure to get you sorted. There are many western hijabi’s who are opening stores online and incorporating modern western fashion and making it modest […]

Which is My Hijab Style?


My hijab style is a  style which would only be worn by me. This is what girls need to tell themselves. They need to own their style and not feel forced to follow the latest trends even though they don’t like it or feel it is not suitable according to their personality and style. They […]

Beautiful Photos of Womens Hijab


Hey! I’m so excited for todays topic. We will look at photos of womens hijab. Firstly, if you haven’t seen our previous article, click here. Right, back to the topic at hand. I have been looking through many photos of Muslim women with hijab and compiled a lot of pictures. I have tried to add photos […]

The New Black Infinity Hijab


Trying on different and unique looks for your hijab like the black infinity hijab is the most modern and chic trend that has emerged in the last two years. Infinity hijab is an inspiration of infinity scarves and are an excellent adaptation for quick looks for everyday routine. Black is the most simple and elegant […]

Fashion Files: Wax Hijab Styles

Wax Hijab Styles

Wax Hijab Styles are definitely the latest fashion design! Wax styles are inspired by wild African designs! So you can expect to see a lot of colors, wild prints and fun raw styles! Since you probably know how much we love colorful, wax styles are definitely one of our favorite Hijab designs! The dresses and […]