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Latest Nadia Hussain Lawn Dress Designs Collection


Latest Nadia Hussain Lawn Dress Designs Collection 2017-2018 Nadia Hussain is known for here Eid collection and we will be expanding on it some more, today. I have searched for her website but haven’t found one. I realized she collaborates. She has quite a good social media presence which is important when building your brand […]

Nishat Linen Eid Collection 2017 For Women


Nishat linen Eid Collection Designs 2017 For Women Nishat linen eid collection 2017 is the exclusive feature we will be showcasing today. Nishat Mills Limited stands as one of the most well equipped, modern and the largest textiles companies in Pakistan.  The company’s production facilities include spinning, weaving, processing and power generation. NL brings you […]

The Latest Alkaram Eid Collection 2017


The Latest Alkaram Eid Collection 2017 Alkaram Eid Collection for 2017 is the feature for today. 2016 has just about ended and it is a great time to stock up on last years marked down fashion. Eastern wear doesn’t change much in one year and now would be a great time to purchase an Eid […]

Nishat Linen Styles You For Eid 2017


Amazing Pakistani Designer Nishat Linen Eid Collection Nishat Linen is a household name in Pakistan. Today marks the first of Ramadaan and the immediate thoughts which will soon cross many ladies minds are their Eid outfits. I was surprised to hear adverts for Eid clothing on the first of Ramadaan. Normally people would only think […]

The Couture HSY Eid Collection 2017


HSY Eid Collection Designs 2017 HSY Eid collection 2017 is sure to get you excited about Eid. I am telling you, this is most certainly, without a shadow of doubt, the most amazing outfits I have ever seen. You know that “aha” moment you get when you find what you are looking for? Well, that’s […]

Modern Eid collection Chinyere Dresses Designs For 2017-2018


New Eid collection Chinyere Dresses Designs For 2017-2018: I have had a Chinyere Eid Collection for 2017-18 article, but it looks like you ladies can’t get enough of it, so here is a follow up article. For those of you who have no idea who Chinyere is, I will be filling you in below. Do […]

Latest Different Eid collection Charizma 2017-2018


Latest Different Eid Designs Collection Charizma 2017-2018 Charizma Eid collection for 2017 is finally here and ready for us to search through. Ladies have been eagerly awaiting the latest designs from Charizma for Eid and it is finally here. There are literally loads of Pakistani designers entering the local and international market and it is […]

Amazing Eid Collection 2017 By Sana Safinaz


Eid Collection 2017 By Sana Safinaz Designs The Eid collection 2017 by Sana Safinaz  is simply amazing. I haven’t seen a more elaborate design for Eid. What I like about this designer is that there is a distinct difference between the clothing designed for everyday wear, seasonal wear and Eid. I always found that aspect […]

Unique Eid Collection of Gul Ahmed 2017


Latest Gul Ahmed Festive Eid Collection 2017 Gul Ahmed beautiful Eid Collection for 2017 is what we will be looking at today ladies! Yes, Eid is just 3 months away and if you want to be prepared this year and start early, then you will be glad to find our latest compilations of Eid collections […]

Latest Khaadi Eid Collection for 2017-2018


Latest Khaadi Eid Collection for 2017-2018 To all the Karachites, Khaas may be a household name, but for the rest, we would like to explore the wonders of the eid collection from Khaadi for 2017. If I’m not mistaken, “Khaas” means “special” when translated to English and this is a very appropriate name for a clothing […]