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New Trends Of Islamic Long Dresses That Are Stylish

stylish islamic long dresses

The stylish Islamic dresses that are in fashion these days for Muslim women consist of a lot of vivid colors and patterns. Floral prints are considered to be really stylish by young women who want to follow all the latest trends. A few years back you only saw Muslim women wearing black or white, but […]

New Muslim Bridal Dresses 2016-17

new muslim bridal dress

The new Muslim bridal dresses are considered to be one of the best all around the globe. As ladies have turned out to be more attentive of the fashion trends, numerous ideas of Muslim wedding dresses have appeared in the design business. Muslim wedding dresses are for the most part full sleeves and not to […]

New Designs Of Muslim Wedding Dresses

new design muslim wedding dress

If you compare the new designs of Muslim wedding dresses to the old ones, they are poles apart. Previously their dresses were not so heavy as they are nowadays are every girl is in a competition of wearing the most luxurious dresses. Wedding day is considered to be one of the most special days for […]

Dream: New Dresses According To Islamic Interpretations

new dress islamic dream interpretation

Many people dream of new dresses and ideas thus they try to look at them according to the Islamic interpretations. Various colors have different significance in Islamic which is why many Muslim women study these colors before using them in their dresses. For example, the color white has a special place in the heart of […]

The Trendy Muslim Dresses For 2016-17

trendy muslim dresses

The trendy Muslim dresses have a lot of style to them unlike the ones that were seen a few years ago. Previously only plain black dresses were seen however the trends are changing now. Women are now not afraid to wear bright colors. According to the latest fashion collections, Muslim dresses that have bold colors […]