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This is where I’ll be sharing my experiences, travels and hijab styling videos. Join the conversation and join me on my journey to discovery…

Burkini Banned in France 2016

Burkini Banned in France

France’s Prime Minister has banned the Burkini which is called (swimsuit) in France. It’s like a swimsuits which covers the whole body and hair. We, Muslim women wear headscarf (Hijab) with it. Manuel Valls, the prime minister of France, says that, this swimsuit  are “not compatible with the values of ...

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Celebrities Who Convert To Islam

Islam is the religion of peace and many celebrities have converted to Islam to accept this wonderful religion and enhance their spirituality and become closer to one god, Allah. Celebrities are followed by many fans and they are the trend setters. Some might say their actions are solely for attention and to ...

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Ramadaan countdown begins!

It’s the last weekend before Ramadaan and the final countdown begins… now! When I was in school, the last Friday before Ramadaan starts, would be the day many Muslim children would order take-aways like Nando’s or Debonair’s pizza and have them delivered at school. I always thought it to be ...

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