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Designer Burqa Styles For Muslims

Designer burqa styles with fashionable clothing is hard to find. I have been searching endlessly for pictures of inspiration to share with you but I have been searching in vain. The Muslim women who wear the burqa are modestly dressed, or rather this is the portrayal of the images found ...

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Latest Abaya Collection in Colombo

Abaya Collection in Colombo

The latest Abaya collection in Colombo is very modern and stylish. The designs and styles are exclusive and are according to the new and latest fashion trends. However, they still manage to keep the traditional pattern of Abaya and hijab intact i.e. long in length and full sleeves which enables ...

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Latest Stylish Abaya Coat Designs

Abaya Coat Designs

Abaya Coat designs main purpose is to provide full coverage to female body; it is long in length and has full sleeves. It also makes sure that the entire body is covered and only hands are visible. Women wear Abaya for both out door and indoor events and styles vary ...

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Latest Colored Abaya Collection 2016-17

Colored Abaya Collection

Latest colored Abaya collection moves away from the traditional color of Abaya i.e. black. Traditionally women across the globe used to wear black Abaya, since black signifies power, control and some sort of mystery regarding the unknown. New colorful collection is for Muslim women who prefer to wear colored Abaya’s ...

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Modern Abaya Collection of Malaysia

Abaya Collection in Malaysia

Abaya Collection in Malaysia has a huge variety as many sites and shops are available online which allows Muslim women to but Malaysian products online.  A very famous Abaya shop in Malaysia is Moon Abaya’s, which offers a wide range of products and all of them are based upon the ...

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Latest Bridal Abaya Collection 2016-2017

Bridal Abaya Collection

Bridal Abaya collection is something, which every bride waits for every year. Every bride wants to look different and unique everyday hence they go through various bridal Abaya collections to select the best design for their big day. Modern and latest Abaya collection tries to incorporate modernity and grace into ...

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Latest Abaya Collection of Dolce and Gabana

Dolce and Gabana creates new Hijab and Abaya collection of 2016-2017. It tends to center not just on Muslim ladies living in Arab side of the world additionally ladies who are living in western nations. Numerous new most recent styles and designs are exceptionally advanced and in vogue, which can ...

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