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Popular and Beautiful Bohemian Style Jewelry

Bohemian Style Jewelry is finding its way back in fashion and is becoming a new trend that everyone wants to follow. These trends are spreading at a very fast pace and has manage to develop its position in both the fashion and the jewelry industry. Many designers across the globe are also using bohemian jewelry styles and designs for their annual fashion collections and they promote bohemian style through their models who are walking on the ramp not only representing the clothes they designed but also the accessories they are using in order to make their models look stylish and appealing. But what exactly is Bohemian Style Jewelry?

What is Bohemian Style Jewelry ?

Many people might be wondering what exactly is bohemian style jewelry and why is it called bohemian jewelry. So in order to get the full idea and a full picture of bohemian jewelry one must know that who exactly were bohemians and how exactly there fashion became so famous. Bohemians were mainly gypsies and nomadic wanderers who used to move from one place to another and with the passage of time they developed their own culture by collecting aspects of various other cultures, which appealed to them. However, they were the ones who strongly opposed the bourgeois values and hence were against the concept of private property. Since bohemians were wanderers and their culture was a mixture of many other cultures, similarly bohemian jewelry is also a mixture of naturally available material and it does not conform to one particular tradition. Bohemian jewelry is a mixture of gemstones, glass, ceramic, cotton and other sorts of metal elements. The bohemian people to create one particular sort of ornament or jewelry piece use all such material. Here are some Bohemian jewelry which you will like.

Bohemian Style Jewelry DIY (do it yourself)

Many of us must be wondering as to where we can find Bohemian Jewelry or how we might decide which ornament or jewelry piece is actually the authentic bohemian jewelry. One way to be sure is to DIY it i.e. to do it yourself. Many video tutorials are available online that can guide every individual that what kind of material can be used to create your own bohemian jewelry and how to go about it. The tutorials are very simple and easy to follow. Few images below show which jewelry pieces can be made by young girls at home.

Bohemian Style JewelryBeaded leather Tassle necklace can be made at home all you need is a fish wire, multicolored beads and a tassle, and you are good to go!!!

Bohemian Style Jewelry

Bohemian wire mid rings are a must have this season and women can easily make them at home by using thin wires so they can easily mold it the way they want and achieve the style and size of the ring according to their own preferences.

Bohemian Style Jewelry

Bohemian Style Painted Leather Cuff, all you need is a piece of leather according to the size of your cuff and stick on so that you can easily wear it and take it off whenever you want.

Bohemian Style Jewelry

A perfect Bohemian Chic necklace DIY, all you have to is follow 4 simple steps.

Bohemian Style Jewelry in Australia

Bohemian Style Jewelry in Australia would be different from that if other states as every state has its own modification and variation of the bohemian or Boho jewelry. Many of the jewelry available in Australia are typical Bohemian style jewelry and it can be worn on shorts and plain light colored shirts. In summers, many people prefer to buy bohemian jewelry more, as unlike winters women are not covered with heavy layers of muffler, gloves and sweaters. They get a chance to flaunt their bohemian jewelry in summers. So exactly what kinds of designs are famous in Australia? Here you go:

Bohemian Style JewelryAnandi Bohemian Necklace is quite common and famous in Australia. It is a long necklace, which has metal chains and turquoise stones attached to it. Australian women on low necks can wear it on a perfect sunny day.

Bohemian Style Jewelry

Lot of 3 – Kishori Trio Layer Bohemian Style Necklace has three layers of metal and each of it has different designs and different patterns are used. Metallic strings are hanging over at the end of the necklace.


Bohemian Style Jewelry

Bronze Romance Warrior Bangle is very modern way of utilizing the concept of bangles and creating something, which can be classified as the bohemian jewelry. It has feather engravings with a blue center and it goes well with jeans and mustard colored tops.


Bohemian Style Jewelry

Cleopatra Jewels Long Gold Dream catcher, is long golden pendant which has two very large circular pieces attached to it with white crystals in the middle. Women can wear it for semi formal occasions. It also has golden chain fringes hanging over at the end.

Bohemian Style Jewelry

Tribal days Bohemian Rings should be on the top of your lists. They are quite funky and trendy. Various symbols are used to create these rings and each of the symbol has its own meaning and own importance in the Bohemian culture.

Bohemian Style Jewelry

Bohemian Spider Anklet looks quite cool and pretty when its worn under short baggy jeans with loose shirts on top. It goes perfectly with a sunny beach outing.

Bohemian Style Jewelry in UK

UK is the hub of fashion and trends in term of jewelry and fashion and bohemian style jewelry found in UK is different from that of the style found in Australia. It is more metallic with fewer beads and can be worn on any sort of clothing. Carved rings and choker necklaces are famous in UK as such rings also compliment and works well for people who prefer to or wish to look gothic. Metal rings and carved surface on these rings are not only perfect to achieve a bohemian look but can also contribute in achieving a perfect gothic look.

Bohemian Style Jewelry

Hamsa symbol bracelet looks quite good on sleeveless shirts and can be worn on casual attires.

Bohemian Style Jewelry

Sterling silver Hamsa ring is very famous and common in UK. Hamsa has a religious and spiritual meaning attached to it and therefore it is a part of bohemian jewelry.

Bohemian Style Jewelry

Sterling silver crown ring can be worn by women on their pinkie finger as hardly any designs fits perfectly in that finger so women should go for simple designs.

Bohemian Style Jewelry

No fancy shoes and heels are required if one owns such beautiful bohemian style anklets, that can make barefoot people look unique and different. Perfect look for a long walk on the beach.

Bohemian Style Jewelry

Heavy stones and big rings remind us of tribal societies as women in those societies prefer heavy chunk jewelry which is not expensive but is beautiful and appealing that it makes it look expensive.

Bohemian Style Jewelry

Bohemian Style Costume Jewelry

Bohemian style costume jewelry is a combination and amalgamation of various bohemian elements so that it conveys the overall and the general idea of the bohemian jewelry. Mostly cowboy style look, hipster look or gothic look uses bohemian style jewelry. Many designers in UK and Australia launch their fashion collection along with a jewelry collection and much of its summer collection has various different kinds of elements directly or indirectly related to the bohemian culture. Below are some images, which show bohemian style costume jewelry.

Typical Bohemian inspired costume jewelry and look. It looks quite chic and modern especially when it is projected on to the stage. Huge cuff bracelets and huge pendants look quite traditional and nomadic.

Bohemian Style Jewelry

Another aspect of bohemian jewelry that is used the most. It is made up of leather and is perfect for a cowboy look. It also has leather fringes hanging over at the end, which makes it look quite unique.

Bohemian Style Jewelry

Bohemian inspired gypsy rings look quite interesting if people are trying to achieve hipster look especially those who live in America. It will help you achieve a perfect hippie look.

A very beautiful and stylish metallic head piece inspired by the bohemian culture but worn across the globe in many culture and traditions.

Bohemian Style Jewelry

Metallic bangles are very heavy and therefore cannot be worn at all times but if one is going out for casual hangouts they can consider this element of dressing up thus making a style statement.

Turquoise rings are purely inspired by the bohemian culture. They look quite chic even if they are worn everyday.

Bohemian Style Jewelry

A multi layered bohemian choker necklace looks appealing on long dresses they can be either plain or printed. This is a perfect element of costume jewelry and designers often incorporate it in their fashion collections.

Beads, brass, turquoise heavy big stones and chains are perfect components of costume jewelry.

Bohemian Style Jewelry

Storm Bohemian Silk Wrap bracelet with tribal kuchi coins can be worn by various men and women across the globe. It looks quite chic and can be worn with sleeveless shirts.

Long Bohemian inspired necklace look quite funky on a suede fringed blazer with an open front.

Bohemian Style Jewelry


Another bohemian style jewelry DIY, the steps are very simple and easy to follow. White crystals and leather is used to achieve this style of bracelet.

Bohemian Style Jewelry

A very beautiful bohemian style necklace, which has beads and a tassle, attached to it with a craved feather steel tassle. It can be worn on cotton shirts with light blue shirts.

Bohemian Style Jewelry

A bohemian necklace, which has turquoise beaded fringes hanging at the bottom of it.

Bohemian Style Jewelry

Another turquoise necklace, which can look appealing on net tops.

Bohemian Style Jewelry (6)

Choker inspired necklace which goes well with black sleeveless tops.

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