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Creative Bohemian Jewelry Holder ideas

Women especially young girls are fond of collecting jewelry and hence they would need a jewelry holder for their bohemian collection. Bohemian jewelry is very delicate and intricate hence it needs to be handled carefully, therefore; jewelry holder is needed. Necklaces can get tangled easily and a jewelry holder is very important for such accessories. Bohemian jewelry holders are also inspired from the bohemian art and craft designs and other spiritual or cultural symbols like that of a dream catcher.

Alluring Bohemian Jewelry Holder

Bohemian jewelry holder allows women to place their jewelry with care so that they know what exactly they own and where they have kept it. Bohemian jewelry holder comes in all shapes and sizes women can hang it on the wall or can place it on their dressing table. They can utilize it the way they want and according to the space they have in their room. Many women hang jewelry holders inside their cupboard in order to save space in their room.

Bohemian Jewelry Holder Designs

Bohemian Jewelry Holder


A Very beautiful dream catcher inspired bohemian jewelry holder. It allows women to hang their necklaces on this woven dream catcher and they can avoid the hassle of finding a specific type of necklace before going out. Such jewelry holders also save the time of untangling tangled neck pieces.

Bohemian Jewelry Holder

In case women are wondering from where they can get dream catcher jewelry holder, then the above mentioned image shows how they can create one on their own. They can also change the size and the color of the threads according to the color of their room.

Bohemian Jewelry Holder

This image shows another jewelry holder, which is suitable for beaded necklaces or bracelets. Women can also utilize the empty space for their long earrings.

Bohemian Jewelry Holder

This image shows another jewelry holder, which is perfect for all types of bohemian jewelry ornaments. As the image shows such jewelry holders allow women to store their earrings, bracelets, cuff bands and necklaces. It will enable women to avoid the hassle of deciding which ornament would go with which outfit. The color and design of every ornament is also visible and thus it can be paired up easily with different kinds of clothes and attires.

Bohemian Jewelry Holder

Bohemian Jewelry Holder

Many jewelry designers who own jewelry shops and are finding ways to store their bohemian jewelry creations can buy such boxes which will not only allow them to display their creations easily but they can even store these boxes somewhere when they are planning to close their shops.

Bohemian Jewelry HolderBohemian Jewelry Holder

Bohemian Jewelry Holder

A very unique bohemian jewelry holder, which allows women to store bangles and necklaces at the same time. However, the fingers of this hand can be used to store rings. Many rings can be stored in this jewelry holder. It will not only act as a jewelry holder but will also fulfill the concept of a decoration piece.


Bohemian Jewelry Holder

Many young girls often find it difficult to make space for their jewelry holders on their dressing tables due to limited space hence they can copy this idea and can utilize the empty walls in their rooms this will not only make their room look funky and pretty but will also help them store their jewelry properly with ease and perfection.

Bohemian Jewelry HolderBohemian Jewelry Holder

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