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Bohemian Jewelry Bliss Collection

The bliss and happiness one get when they own bohemian jewelry is something women and young girls look for when they go out for shopping. Bohemian jewelry is not only for young girls but many of its designs and styles have been changed and modified in a way that matches the expectations of women. Designers also use the designs of bohemian jewelry to create a distinct design of their own.


Bohemian Jewelry Bliss and Contentment

Women love shopping and they enjoy even more if they are getting the same thing in half price. Bohemian jewelry is a must have this season as many of its designs are styled specifically for summers. Many designers come up with trend alert articled for magazines so that people especially the young generation is aware of the do’s and don’ts of every season. The following images show what exactly one should expect this season and what are the typical bohemian jewelry designs and ornaments.


Bohemian Jewelry Bliss Summer Season

bohemian jewelry bliss


bohemian jewelry bliss


This image shows beautiful anklets that women can wear in summers while they are out for a walk on the beach. Such ornaments are suitable for summers and spring because in winters girls wear long boots and cover their feet with woolen socks so such jewelry designs are not suitable for extreme weather conditions like in case of snowfall.

bohemian jewelry bliss

This image shows inlaid turquoise in silver jewelry, which looks cute trendy and unique it attracts attention and highlights the importance of turquoise stones in bohemian culture and traditions.

bohemian jewelry bliss

Choker necklaces are also an integral part of bohemian jewelry designs and many designers incorporate this concept when they are creating their bridal collections. Many people might not be aware of the importance of choker necklace and hence can refer to other similar articles on bohemian culture and jewelry designs. Choker necklaces look nice and elegant on long dresses or on ethnic and traditional dresses.

bohemian jewelry bliss

Bohemian jewelry designs are incomplete without rings. Rings are still and essential accessory that every girl wishes to wear before she steps out of the house. Stone rings are back in fashion and this time people prefer huge stones rather than small ones.

bohemian jewelry bliss

A very unique and chunky coral necklace that manages to cover the neck beautifully. It has the ability to transform the simplest look into something attractive and very formal. Women can mix and match this necklace with different colors.


Long pendants and chains are worn more in summers, as unlike winters your neck is not covered with mufflers or scarfs. Pendants require neck space to move freely hence it looks cook with jumpsuits, short shirts, kimonos etc.

bohemian jewelry bliss

This image shows a polymer clay and leather neckpiece, and it certainly reminds us of a Hawain themed party. Girls can however wear this on normal family or friends get together.  It will look funky with strapless shirts or dresses.

bohemian jewelry bliss

A very beautiful ethnic necklace that looks cool even on plain black crop tops. It can also be worn by Asian girls on their festivities. Young girls can wear this on their mehndi function.


bohemian jewelry bliss

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