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Latest Bohemian Heart Jewelry Ideas

Bohemian heart jewelry is another type of jewelry but it includes the symbol of heart in various places. Such jewelry can be gifted to your loved ones especially on days like valentines day, mothers day or fathers day provided how exactly the designs are constructed. It can be made in sterling silver or gold, with various different kinds and colors of stones. Such childish jewelry designs cannot be worn with formal clothes and therefore they are designed mainly for casual attires and mostly for teenage girls.

Bohemian Heart Jewelry Designs

bohemian heart jewelry

Simple heart shaped rings look nice on teenage girls. They can select the design according to their preferences. The color of the stone comes in various types and kinds depending which kind of stone would suit the design.


bohemian heart jewelry

The image shows a heavy chunky heart shaped necklace. Turquoise and gold is a perfect combination. Young girls can wear this on any dress and they are good to go.

bohemian heart jewelrybohemian heart jewelry


Bohemian long heart pendants look attractive and appealing on V-neck dresses or cotton shirts. But since many young teenage girls prefer these designs they are usually not allowed to wear low V-necks hence they can wear it with round neck shirts.

bohemian heart jewelry

Silver cuff bracelets and with heart engravings can be worn by women in their twenties as such designs are simple and minimal and are designed for a large group of people.

bohemian heart jewelry

Heart shaped bracelets look beautiful and women who love the concept of charm bracelets would love this design. Any age group can wear such designs and it would look trendy and funky on jeans and cotton shirts. The stones and the colors the hearts can be changed but women mostly prefer turquoise stones.


More on Bohemian Heart Jewelry

bohemian heart jewelry

Heart shaped bracelets are mostly made in cuff shape as the designers engrave the design of heart in the bracelet. They look stylish with sleeveless shirts and denim shirts. Women can also create their own heart shaped bohemian jewelry by following DIY tutorials that are available on the internet.

bohemian heart jewelrybohemian heart jewelry

bohemian heart jewelry

Young girls are fond of shaped studs and heart shaped studs are one of them. They come in variety of material like gold, silver, brass and stones. Girl buy such designs more often as they match their everyday requirements and such designs suit any kind of clothes either it is eastern or western clothing.

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