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Beautiful Bohemian Garnet Jewelry

Jewelry composed of expensive gems and stones is very common and in fashion these days and beautiful bohemian garnet jewelry is one of them. Garnet is precious stone, which consists of deep red vitreous silicate mineral. Bohemian garnet jewelry is the amalgamation and the designers are using composition of bohemian styles of jewelry and instead of using less expensive stones garnet these days. Garnet is mostly being used in jewelry that is being designed by the designers for engagement, wedding or other types of formal events. Many young girls these days want garnet stones to be a part of their engagement rings. Initially women were crazy about diamond rings but now as the society is modernizing every girl want to acquire diamonds with a combination of precious stones.

Bohemian Garnet Jewelry Is On The Roll

Bohemian garnet jewelry is on the roll this season as many designers have used garnet as a way to stylizing and creating different type of bohemian jewelry as all of you must know it by now that initially bohemian jewelry was all about acquiring and collecting material from nature since bohemians were wanderers and they used to wander and collect material for their jewelry or gather aspects to create their own distinct culture and society. Stones like turquoise, white crystals were frequently used by bohemians but now the designers often keep the main basic bohemian jewelry design and they just replace turquoise or white crystals with expensive stones like garnet, ruby, diamonds etc.


Bohemian Garnet Jewelry History

Bohemian garnet jewelry history dates back to the time period when jewelry deigning was going through a period of transition and designers were coming up with ways to modify old style of jewelry with new innovations, hence they came up with the idea of replacing stones with garnet stones that were pretty much expensive and were appealing. The bright red stones add spark and glam to each and every bohemian ornament.



bohemian garnet jewelry

This is exactly what a chunk of raw garnet would look like. It is mainly known for the purpose of manifestation and is thought to bring abundance and prosperity and many people often buy garnet jewelry because of the meanings attached to this beautiful stone.

bohemian garnet jewelry

Bohemian garnet cluster earrings is a very antiques design of earrings that was common in the old era but now since many styles are coming back in fashion bohemian garnet cluster earrings could be one of them.

bohemian garnet jewelry

This Antique Victorian bohemian garnet pendant style was very common and many designers still incorporate this old pendant design and style in their latest jewelry collection. Women can wear such pendants on semi formal occasions with dresses that are not so heavy.

bohemian garnet jewelry

Women on their saree’s often wear Bohemian Victorian Garnet Bird Pin as they are difficult to handle or women also use it as a broach on their long maxi type dresses. Colorful dresses would not look good with garnet ornaments since garnet itself is bright in color.

bohemian garnet jewelry

A natural rough bohemian garnet ring. It is the perfect representation of what exactly bohemian jewelry was like. It consists of rough raw stones with wires and rough edges. The surface of the ring or the band is not smoothened out.


Bohemian Garnet Jewelry With Silver Sterling

Latest trends of bohemian garnet jewelry is with silver sterling as silver allows the stones to sparkle. It lets the stones stand out. Gold was expensive at one time and people used to consider it a luxury but these days stones like diamonds and garnets are used with silver sterling as now that is considered a luxury. The following images show how garnet and sterling silver can make every piece of jewelry look breathtaking and stunning.

bohemian garnet jewelry

This image shows a bohemian garnet sterling silver botanical ring. Such rings are mostly worn with casual attires and young girls are fond of such rings, as they look quite trendy with jeans or simple shalwar kameez.

bohemian garnet jewelry

This image shows a very unique and different design of ring. It has two tiers, which represents vintage bohemian garnet rings. This stunning ring has beautiful two tiers of deep garnet red stones that would look stunning and glamorous on a prom night or on other formal occasions.

bohemian garnet jewelry

A very beautiful and different garnet and silver composition. Every ring has its own distinct style and design, which makes it stand out amongst the rest. Such designs are common in the west, as girls prefer wearing such rings with jeans, skirts or long maxi type dresses.


Interesting Information About Bohemian Garnet Jewelry

Well many readers or upcoming designers might be more interested in knowing information about bohemian garnet jewelry as not everyone is aware of the fact that on what basis bohemian culture existed and what kind of ideas their culture, jewelry or clothes exhibited hence the concept of bohemian culture and jewelry can be derived from other similar articles on bohemian jewelry and for information on bohemian garnet jewelry one must go through beautiful bohemian garnet jewelry.

Garnet as a stone itself has many interesting facts. It is the stone, which represents the people born in January, and it varies in shades as it includes beautiful shades like maroon, purple, black etc. and many bohemian designs and styles of jewelry can be created out of these stones. Warriors often used garnet in the past as a symbol of luck and defeat of their enemies but over the years the stone has taken a place in jewelry designing.

bohemian garnet jewelry

This image shows a very beautiful garnet watch that is inspired by the bohemian bracelet designs.

bohemian garnet jewelrybohemian garnet jewelry

These earrings are very ethnic as they symbolize the bohemian culture. Old sterling silver has been used with garnet stones to make it look antique and more appealing. It would look quite trendy on traditional clothes mainly derived from a particular kind of tribal culture.

bohemian garnet jewelry

This image shows a bohemian droplet necklace, which is made up of sterling silver and a lot of little garnet stones have been used to make it look stunning and elegant. Such necklaces look quite stylish on drop shoulder dresses as these necklaces require breathing space and clustered necklines often look boring and not so classy with such designs of necklaces.

Bohemian Garnet Jewelry in Czech Republic

Bohemian garnet jewelry in Czech republic is traditional as Czech Republic can be considered as the hub of bohemian jewelry. It is a place from where the bohemians originated. Bohemians were socially unconventional and were mostly involved in the field of arts and therefore there jewelry is one of the major basics of jewelry. Many upcoming jewelry designers take inspiration from the bohemian styles and come up with their own jewelry designs.

bohemian garnet jewelrybohemian garnet jewelry

This image shows garnet stones paired up with gold. Gold makes garnet stones look dull and they lose their entire spark and shine when they are paired up with gold.


bohemian garnet jewelry

Garnet stones with yellow gold necklace looks nice but it would look more appealing with silver as silver cab be considered as the cherry on top especially when designers are dealing with stones.

bohemian garnet jewelrybohemian garnet jewelryA very beautiful garnet jewelry complete set. It can be worn on semi formal and formal occasions with a dress that compliments these stones. The color of the dress should not be dark as the stones would then loose their charm and would not stand out.
Bohemian Garnet Jewelry in UK

Bohemian garnet jewelry in UK is modified and changed according to their culture and society. The bohemian jewelry in UK is made up of sterling silver and most of these trends and styles are derived from the way the Queen of England dresses up. The society looks up to the Queen hence her styling matters. The royals of England wear expensive stones like garnet more than the general population that lives there hence the styles is also very unique and different. The following images show what kind of designs and styles one should expect in UK.

bohemian garnet jewelry

This image shows a very beautiful and glamorous ring which is made up of sterling silver and it has a lot of tiny diamonds which is covering each and every part of the band of the ring. On top of the ring there are three large size garnet stones. Such styles and designs of rings are preferred by thr royal family and hence these desgins are common in UK. Many young girls wish to wear such rings in their engagements or wedding.


bohemian garnet jewelry

This image shows a very typical bohemain style necaklace. It is long in length and has a lot of garnet stones in the middle. It would look quite classy on jeans and a boat neck shirt.

bohemian garnet jewelry

A very unqiue way of creating a ring out of garnet stones. This ring can be cosnidered as a cluster of stones and would look good on fair hands. Many young girls ofetn wish to have such rings so that they can create a style statement amongst their peers and other fellows.

bohemian garnet jewelry

Another very royal design of creating a sterling silver ring with garnet stones. Such beautiful designs are common amongst the royal families.

bohemian garnet jewelry

A very beautiful and elegant garnet bracelet. Bohemian jewelry is incomplete without bracelets and the bracelet shown above is a very modern take on tribal style bracelets. If a girl wears such bracelets a very royal look would be given to her.


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