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Stunning Bohemian Artisan Jewelry

Bohemians were fond of artisan jewelry as it involved the skill of creating something by hand and thus it was an asset for them since they can utilize their art of creating something through hand for earning money. These days’ designers just create the design they want and most of the work is done through machines but bohemians used their hands to create something unique and different every time they sit to do something or come up with a jewelry design.


Bohemian Artisan Handcarfted Jewelry Attracts Attention


Bohemian artisan handcrafted jewelry attracts attention whenever someone wears it as its not only unique and distinct but it has its own appeal that attracts jewelry lovers towards it. It can spice up your casual attire and it allows women to play with colors and experiment with different designs as artisan designs are easy to create and many DIY tutorials allow women to follow the steps and create any design they like or came across while surfing on the internet.


Diy Bohemian Artisan Jewelry

bohemian artisan jewelry


This image shows and explains in a step by step manner that how young girls can create double drop leather earrings with a turquoise stone. These earrings are very easy to make and the color if the stone can be changed if any girl is not fond of such stones.

bohemian artisan jewelry

This image shows bohemian style bracelets, as bohemian culture is incomplete without bracelets. Girls to create friendship bands can use such bracelet designs.

bohemian artisan jewelry

Girls who are not very fond of tying their hair would have a lot of spare bands and hence they can create such elegant bracelets out of it. All they need is metal chains and they are good to go.

bohemian artisan jewelry

A very beautiful chain and suede woven bracelet. Young girls can use leather, cotton threads or rubber ands incase they are unable to find suede strings. Such simple bracelets look really nice and elegant on sleeveless or three quarter shoulder tops.

bohemian artisan jewelry

Girls are fond of collecting pearl jewelry and they can never get enough of it. Hence all pearl lovers can create their own pearl necklace by following all simple and easy steps as shown in the image above. Such elegant neckpieces look stunning on formal events. They can also change the size of the pearl used or can modify the design in whatever way they want.

bohemian artisan jewelry

Bohemian jewelry is incomplete without stones and hence if anyone is planning to go for bohemian look they should use as much stones as they can. The image above shows a wire flower pendant that can be worn with jumpsuits as it would compliment the look and would make a woman look stylish and fashionable.

bohemian artisan jewelry

Bohemian necklaces were all about choker necklaces and the beaded choker necklace as shown above represents exactly what bohemian choker jewelry designs were all about. Choker necklaces are back in trend so go girls grab yours as soon as you can and if you have to attend a function in few days but are out of your pocket money then no worries go and grab this stuff and create your own choker necklace.

bohemian artisan jewelry

The image shows a very intricately beaded pearl necklace, which will look nice on bridesmaid.

bohemian artisan jewelrybohemian artisan jewelry

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