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BME Bohemian Jewelry Designs Represent Bohemian Culture

BME Bohemian Jewelry Designs represent the culture of a region in Czech Republic most commonly known as Bohemia. Bohemians were not in favor of bourgeois values and therefore they believed in little material wealth and no private property. They represented the gypsy community and lived a nomadic life hence the jewelry they used to wear represents the culture that was predominant in that society. Their jewelry represented their beliefs and their culture and stone jewelry was most commonly worn in their society.

BME Bohemian Jewelry Designs And The Use OF Stones

Turquoise stones were used in their jewelry to a great extent and the jewelry was most commonly made up of brass. Many different kind of colored stones would also look nice since in summers women generally prefer to wear light colored dresses or kurtas hence bright colored necklaces, rings, bracelets would compliment their entire look. BME bohemian jewelry designs also aim to target the culture that the bohemian society wished to represent and BME use a lot of different kinds of stones in their designs and manage to come up with affordable prices, which symbolize the concept of the bohemians being less wealthy and not believing in the concept of acquiring wealth. Over the years because of the modifications in the field of jewelry bridal collections are also introduced on the theme of bohemian culture. Choker necklaces were a major part of their tribal jewelry. Choker necklaces are delicate chains around the neck with retro charm pendants and designers add many new latest modifications to them. BME jewelry designs also introduced a modern take on organic jewelry and have modified it according to the bohemian society and cuotlure. The image below highlight as to what exactly bohemian culture and jewelry was and how new jewelry designers like have modified the designs.


BME Bohemian Jewelry Designs An Inspiration


bme bohemian jewelry designs
Choker necklaces are a must have this season and BME offers various stylish designs that not only can be worn on jeans but can also be paired up with your Eid clothes this year.

bme bohemian jewelry designs
Choker necklaces were very famous and therefore new designs are added to the basic concept of choker necklaces. They are either made up of wires or of brass, silver or steel. Expensive sort of material is not used since that is not what bohemian society symbolized. Many jewelry designs by BME also aim to focus on stones, pearls and other similar sort of material that is less expensive and can be made easily. Bohemian jewelry can be worn by women of all ages and it can be accessorized with jeans or other summer outfits.

bme bohemian jewelry designs
This image shows a bracelet, which has turquoise stones in it. This is the latest modification of bohemian jewelry. Turquoise stones are most commonly used when it comes to designing jewelry according the bohemian society.

bme bohemian jewelry designs

In case people are wondering what this material is, this is metal, which has been molded into a bracelet and golden sort of color is added to it in order to keep it in line with current fashion trends in terms of jewelry designs.

bme bohemian jewelry designs

Bohemian Brides used to wear heavy choker necklaces made out of steel or metal and many small stones were attached to it so that it can compliment the color of her dress. New jewelry designs are also taking inspiration from these designs for instance many new bridal sets are now in the form of choker necklaces as it adds royalty to the look of the bride.

Attractive Bohemian Rings And Bracelets

bme bohemian jewelry designs
BME bohemian rings are a must have this season as they look quite trendy and funky with jeans. They are made up of metal, silver or steel with black outlines in between. This is a very modern take on the traditional bohemian jewelry.

bme bohemian jewelry designs
Big chunk of heavy bracelets with turquoise stones represent the tribal affiliations one can have with bohemian culture and jewelry designs. BME stone embedded bracelets are not only available in different shapes, colors and sizes but BME also enables young girls to decide what kind of stone and which color would they like to be a part of their heavy chunky bracelets.

bme bohemian jewelry designs
The fashion of long pendants with colored stones or gemstones is back and now many young girls including women who work wear such pendants on normal clothing as well. Such pendants are available in all light pastel shades which can be worn with any kind of dress whether it is shalwar kameez or jeans.
bme bohemian jewelry designs
This image shows the typical bohemian pendant design that is still a part of the BME jewelry collection.

bme bohemian jewelry designs

The must haves items for a bohemian look as the look is in complete without these ornaments.  BME bohemian jewelry designs are a modern take on bohemian jewelry and they are here to stay as these trends are gradually coming back in fashion. People are generally moving back to the traditional ways of dressing up and pairing up jewelry. This season go Bohemian!

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