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Learn How To Utilize Big Fabric For Hijab and Scarf

Many women who are not comfortable wearing small cloth or piece of hijab require big fabric for hijab and scarf so that they can cover their chest and head properly, which basically is the initial concept related to Hijab. Hijab, Abaya and Jilbab are a part of Islamic clothing, whereas scarf is a part of western clothing, which can be worn with casual outfits. Women often wear nicely done shinny hijabs on their wedding day when they become a bride. Women on evening gowns especially long maxi style dresses can also wear Hijab. Many new styles and designs are introduced and Hijab has also seen a shift from color black towards a variety of colors. The new styles and designs of hijab have winter and summer classifications, which are extremely fashionable rather than unfashionable. Many new ideas that are inspired from various other things have online tutorials, which are very simple, quick and easy to follow. Big fabric hijab and scarf is mostly made up of shawls or chiffon type dupattas.


Big Fabric Hijab and Scarf Styles

Big Fabric Hijab and ScarfThis image shows a woman wearing hijab made up of long lose fabric, which has good draping quality and provides full coverage to her chest hence making her look modest and decent.

Big Fabric Hijab and Scarf

This image also shows a woman wearing hijab, which has floral print on it. The floral print is complimenting the color of her dress, which is black. It is creating a balance within her look thus making her look appealing.

Big Fabric Hijab and Scarf


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