Latest Long Fancy Maxi Dresses Pakistani Collection

Pakistani long and fancy maxi dresses  is what we will feature today. I am sure Pakistani girls will love these dresses. They are in fresh modern colours like pastel blues and blush pinks. They are so pretty and perfect for those fun and exciting wedding seasons where every girl loves to dress up and look pretty. Not only do brides seek beautiful outfits but the relatives of the brides too. If you are looking at making a dress and not sure about the design, then I have plenty designs and style for fancy dresses in the Pakistani style here. I have featured many different Pakistani dresses on our website and we specialise in providing you with Pakistani designs which are new and trendy. Do click here for more styles.


New Pakistani Maxi Dresses For Fancy Occasions

long fancy maxi dresses pakistani

This makes a Pakistani fancy dress different from the Indian fancy dress design. Pakistani women love large floral lace prints and we can see it here. This is the typical western styled dress which you see above. Only a Pakistani will know the floral design but you could easily place it next to a western design and you wouldn’t know the difference. The modern Pakistani girl would wear this type of dress to a wedding ceremony.

long fancy maxi dresses pakistani

Oh, don’t you think this is so stunning. This is a typical Pakistani fabric for weddings. It is so detailed and I am sure most of you have something similar in your closet. We all need that outfit which looks extra special and this is the outfit which would ‘wow’ the crowd.

long fancy maxi dresses pakistani

Young girls are followers of western fashion and trends. The pastel colours were high fashion and here we see them being used in fancy Pakistani dresses as well. What makes these colours amazing is that when it is combined with a darker colour, the detail stands out. As you can see, the maroon pops with the sky blue.

long fancy maxi dresses pakistani

A simple straight Pakistani maxi dress with the Pakistani fabric which all girls love to wear. This is another style which can be worn for weddings. The colour combinations are also very typical of Pakistani fancy dress wear.

long fancy maxi dresses pakistani

This is the most wanted style at the moment. Girls all around the world are wearing these modern fancy dress designs. The gold sequins are quite popular too. Applique is used as a  special technique for intricate detail on fancy outfits.

More Amazing Pakistani Dress Designs

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