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Abaya and Burqa Collection 2016-2017

Abaya and Burqa collection of 2016-2017 is different, exclusive and modern. Niqab usually accompanies the full-body Abaya or burqa. The difference between the latter two is small – the Abaya covers everything except the hair and face, but in Saudi Arabia and other places dominated by fundamentalist Islam, it is worn with a headscarf and a face veil, concealing all but a woman’s eyes. Many new designers launch Abaya and burqa collection together so that women can easily differentiate between the two and can select according to their preferences. However, both Abaya and burqa are long in length and have full sleeves since that is the main Islamic purpose behind these two. Moreover, designers tend to keep the color same i.e. black so that it creates dominance and can manage to provide full coverage to women body, as black in any fabric can never be see through. Many new stylish hijab styles are being launched which can be paired up with trendy Abaya’s. Abaya and burqa collection of 2016-2017 can be accessed online and many reviews are also available regarding the latest trends and styles in fashion and how to go abput it.

Simple Abaya and Burqa Collection

Abaya and Burqa Collection

This image shows a perfect example and differences between various kinds of hijab, Abaya or burqa. Women can easily determine the category in which they fall.

Abaya and Burqa Collection

Burqa collection focuses on covering every aspect of women body. In burqa only eyes and hands are visible, the rest of the parts are fully covered.

Abaya and Burqa Collection